Daawo;-Sawiro Naxdin leh Dad Koronto Lagu Gubey Iyo Cidii ka dambesay oo la ogadey.


    Madaxweynaha dalka suuriya bishaar alashad ayaa waxaa lagu eedeeyey inuu ku gubey dad aad u fara badan koronto kadib markii ay ka dhaga adeegey inay amarkiisa qaataan

    Daawo Sawiro Naxdin leh

    Shocking: This picture is one of 55,000 taken by a Syrian military police defector showing emaciated corpses which investigators say are evidence of extreme torture by Assad's regime. Photographs: The Report

    Leverage: The report is being made available to the United Nations, governments and human rights groups just as peace talks are due to begin in Switzerland tomorrow to try to end the three-year conflict

    Graphic: The defector's evidence, which records deaths of those in custody from March 2011 until August 2013, were smuggled out along with files detailing the victims on memory sticks
    Dossier of evidence: The photos will ratchet up the pressure on President Bashar Al Assad who the US and its Western allies - including the UK - say has committed war crimes against his own people

    Allegations: The photographs allowed a death certificate to be produced without requiring families to view bodies, and also confirmed that execution orders had been carried out, the report claimed
    Horrific: The inquiry team said it was satisfied there was 'clear evidence, capable of being believed by a tribunal of fact in a court of law, of systematic torture and killing of persons detained by the Syrian government'

    Evidence of strangulation: A picture which appears to show a ligature mark on a corpse's neck

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